Monday, December 3, 2012

Icky, Smelly Bathroom Reno

We began day three of renovations with the hopes of gutting both of the bathrooms. I chuckle now because hindsight is 20-20. The house is old so the walls are plaster and lath meaning poking holes quickly results in dust clouds and difficult clean-up.

Matt tackled the main bathroom and I took on the master bathroom. The main bathroom was originally covered wall-to-wall in black tile - yes, I said black tile in a bathroom. This is just one of the curious design choices the house bore when we bought it. We are replacing everything in the bathroom except for the tub so the first step was to remove the toilet and vanity. When we started opening up the walls we noticed minimal water damage. The frame of the window is wood so it slowly absorbed water over the years and dispersed it to the connecting frame and insulation. Luckily the damage is all fixable.

Main Bathroom

The master bath will undergo a huge transformation. It is being expanded by about 70 sqft and the plumbing is being rearranged. Although my arms and shoulders are extremely sore, it was gratifying to see the ugly green tile come tumbling down. I may not of made as much progress as Matt, but I am pretty proud of my smashing skills.

Master Bathroom

Our goal is to have this bathroom completely gutted today after work and school. On Tuesday, Matt's brother is coming down from upstate NY to help out for a few weeks so we want to have as much out of the way before he arrives.

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