Meet the Flippers

We are Amy and Matt, MVLB as some know us, a twenty something couple living in Durham, North Carolina.

We met in 2006 at Cornell University by a mutual friend. Truth be told, we had seen each other in class frequently but first impressions were not positive. It took a bar, a few pitchers of beer, and overlooking some wardrobe choices (A&F, really Matt?) before we officially hit it off. We have been inseparable ever since.

Perhaps what bonds us most is our love of real estate. When I was growing up I wanted to be an architect, often spending hours designing houses on the computer and building structures with K'Nex until my fingers bled. Matt grew up in a do-it yourself household and frequently worked with his brother on home projects. We were also both math nerds in high school so when it came time to chose a major, we both picked Structural Engineering. Matt is a now a professional engineer and I am studying my MBA at Duke University.

We have been together for almost six years and have finally transitioned our dream of buying a house into a reality. We made the risky decision to put our wedding on hold and instead buy our first place in November 2012. At a time when finances are tight and the future is unknown we decided following our dream is worth the risk.

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